Front Office Management-II Theory

BHCT 204: FRONT OFFICE MANAGEMENT - II Max Marks: 100 UNIT 1 The Hospitality Industry as an International Business - International Hotel Business (Definition, Development and Ownership), Hospitality Industry as a Service Export and Service Industry Earnings, International Travel and Hospitality Service Providers, Motivations for Global Expansion, Fundamental Operational Principles Associated to International Hospitality Industry, … Continue reading Front Office Management-II Theory

Quantity Food Production Theory

BHCT 202: QUANTITY FOOD PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Max Marks: 100 Course Contents UNIT 1 Introduction to Volume Cookery - Equipment's Required for Mass / Volume Production Types of Estoblishmen1s -Institutional & Industrial (Army. Hospital, Airlines, Railways. Off Premises, Central Processing Units, Theme Banquet Marine), Care and Maintenance. UNIT 2 Purchase and Intending for Volume Cookery- Principles … Continue reading Quantity Food Production Theory